Only Printed Females (and no printed males)

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GusOrriols 234


  • A deck with only heroes and allies with females printed in the cards.
  • Attachments and Events has to be without any males printed,

Sorry for my english.

It was so difficult, but I think that is completely playable and enjoyable.

My only concern is the lack of cancelation of Shadows and When Reveled -the fucking Test of Will seems to be a man printed...-, but I tried to gave to my heroes and allies a lot of weapons, mounts and other cool war things. Also helps a low initial threat (23 with the Éowyn setup reduction) and very good initial will power to gain some time to play allies and attachments.

Important to play Song of Travel on Éowyn as soon as possible to help play Spirit cards. Some cards to search the top deck are included to find it.

Please, if somebody test this deck or has an opinion only seing this page, please comment.