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Twelvesmallsquares 161

Here is a mono lore trap-based deck which I have been working on. The main aim of the deck is to get enemies trapped and picked off before doing any/too much damage.

The starting threat of 30 is a little higher than i would like, but it matters not as Lore Aragorn is there to reset back to the starting threat level should the encounter deck/number of rounds push us a bit too close to elimination.

Aragorn will be your main defender, with support from Gildor Inglorion if you can get him into play, his 3 defence really helps. Wellinghall preserver is also handy if you haven't used him for questing.

Ideally Wingfoot will go onto Haldir so that he can quest (along with Damrod for the early game, allies can take over mid to late game), then refresh if you can guess the encounter card reveal accurately. Henamarth Riversong makes this a given every round for solo play, barring ay surging which may happen. Then, Haldir can do his staging area attack if no enemies have been engaged. To aid staging area attacks are Ambush and Advance Warning; with Forest Patrol adding extra damage to trapped enemies if required.

For enemies that manage to get through I have included some entangling nets to hopefully bring their attack and defence down enough to not cause too many issues during combat. As enemies engaging with you removes your ability to use Haldir to attack into the staging area equip him with a Ranger Bow so that he can still do some damage after being readied by Wingfoot. Any extra Ranger Bows drawn can go onto the other ranger allies if in play, or you can stack an extra one onto Haldir. I have included 1 copy of Forest Snare, just because it feels wrong to not have one in there; but in all honesty I have hardly used it. Still, in the right situation it can save a game.

Anborn and Erebor Hammersmith can be used to recycle discarded traps (just watch the order in which you discard when lining up to play Erebor Hammersmith), and Master of the Forge can be used to mine your deck for traps if you have run out or haven't drawn any yet.

On top of all of this is some healing via the warden and some stronger allies such as Quickbeam and Wellinghall Preserver to help out in whatever areas you need. I have removed Dori from earlier drafts of this deck in favour of a Burning Brand which should go onto Aragorn, and and additional Warden of Healing.

As there isn't a huge amount of willpower in this deck until the mid to late game I have included a few copies of Mirkwood Explorer, who should be able to help out should location lock start to look imminent. Additionally, I have also added Emyn Arnen Ranger who can quest using an enemies threat, an unbelievable ability!

Lastly, card draw is in the form of Daeron's Runes and Mithrandir's Advice, both of which can be recycled by using Scroll of Isildur, which can also be used for replaying Advance Warning and Forest Patrol if enemies are causing you problems. Interrogation is the main event card for the deck though, giving you amazing scrying ability.