Elrond Summons the Haradrim

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The deck is paired with the Fastred deck. There are relatively few allies, but like an Harad deck the point is to use these allies wisely to maximize their use. Many cards are self-explanatory: Daeron's Runes and Deep Knowledge add card draw, in the latter case for both decks, Elrond's Counsel is used to drop threat a little and questing, and Feint is best early on to survive combat before you are set up.

Many attachments, however, go across to the other deck. Black Arrow, The Red Arrow, Great Yew Bow, and Gondorian Fire all go on Faramir, while Dúnedain Warning and Golden Shield go on Fastred. Haradrim Spear goes on Yazan exclusively, since he is the main attacker in the deck (Kahliel is there for Kahliel's Headdress and his ability to spend resources on any Harad ally).

Éowyn gets Herugrim and Snowmane from the other deck and can help in combat. Trying to combine her and Yazan with Knife-work helps with card draw.

Now, Elrond. He gets: Steward of Gondor, A Burning Brand, Heir of Mardil, Vilya, and if you can spare one, a Dúnedain Warning. The other deck plays Light of Valinor and Unexpected Courage on him and use Imladris Stargazer to help set up the free play of allies. Elrond is crucial to the deck!

Finally, best order of play. The ideal ally to get out early is Jubayr, since the other deck can play Silver Lamp and this allows Jubayr to pick carefully who to defend against and which card to discard. Arwen Undómiel can boost his defense, and usually should! Errand-rider spreads Elrond's wealth, and Kahliel’s Tribesman and Southron Refugee are there to discard for action advantage or for more willpower.