Daily Challenge: Play The Passage of the Marshes and play The Free Peoples at least once before the 5th round.



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Khazad Dum Minimum Purchase 3

@Jhorner Absolutely, you're going to want to use Gandalf for card draw every time. This minimum purchase card pool is a little light on draw options; as you get access to more cards subbing in some more draw is a good idea.

Jul 03, 2022 Darkling Door 4750

Rangers of the South

Oh yes, and Coney in a Trap would be fun as well :)

Jul 03, 2022 BlackArrow 41

Watcher in the Water | A

These two decks were killer against the Watcher!

Jul 03, 2022 MorgwarrU2 9


haha I never noticed that before :)

Jul 03, 2022 Daughty Ranger 2

June '22 Solo League

And Also Eleanor in a solo deck?! I've never seen Eleanor in a solo deck work

Jul 03, 2022 StewofGondor1 21

A Stroll Through Fangorn

Oh Yeah I never noticed that sorry

Jul 03, 2022 StewofGondor1 21


This is much better than your first deck. Nice job! However, it still lacks a purpose. What is the benefit of lowering your threat without secrecy or attacking the staging area. If you want to attack the staging area, I think Dúnhere would work better than...

Jul 03, 2022 LEGOlas 76

Outlands are rigged


Jul 02, 2022 StewofGondor1 21