Daily Challenge: Play A Storm on Cobas Haven using a deck where every card costs 3.


kaintxu 13

Dunedain 32 threat, cards up to The Dread Realm


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Bartering with Birna's Sword

Not really, it needs more high-cost unique allies to even be remotely playable. I am going to try a Sneak Attack/Open the Gates version soon with some more recurring (Galadhrim Weaver). That will probably be a...

Nov 27, 2022 NERD 474

Unlikely Friendship

Nov 27, 2022 doomguard 1402

Perilous Noldor

and, if you like the risk, start with The One Ring and Inner Strength on Erestor, he is able to stand a trolls hit with that and you reach your threadlimit faster so flipp contract faster (still be 10 under limit...

Nov 27, 2022 doomguard 1402

Raise the Shire

Card search effects live and die on three factors - how easy it is to play, how likely it is to find a card it's searching for, and how effective the card we find is going to be. So let's have a look at why Raise the Shire is so good for the Hobbit archetype.

Costing only a...

Nov 27, 2022 Mythik 126


Other good targets for this event are the guarded attachments. As an example, you can play Reforged after quest resolution, meaning that you won't need to deal with its guardian's threat on that turn. Therefore, if the guardian is a location, and you just explored the current active one, you...

Nov 27, 2022 PablOvi 65

Gaffer Gamgee

Red book of westmarch is his best friend - play it on a lore hero, there's your two resources every round. Plus he becomes a 2 willpower questor that then stops an attack

Nov 26, 2022 Mythik 126

Gaffer Gamgee

This is probably one of the strongest cards in the Hobbit archetype. In the long game it essentially gives you a recurring version of Feint, but a slightly higher cost. You can absorb a major enemy into your engagement area and keep it in a permanent stasis where...

Nov 26, 2022 CardAddict 11