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Mr Hirgon

Great deck! I had a lot of fun playing it today. It makes me wanna play even more LOTR!

Apr 20, 2019 kharol 1

Silver Bullet for Journey to the Cross-roads

@kjeldForlong was in some early lists but I never found him useful. By the time he's good, you've already won.

Apr 20, 2019 Seastan 17477

Gaffer Ever After

@Seastan well, with TEowyn, STheoden and Theodred you only need the two cards (Gamling and Grimbold) to be able to do it every turn from turn 2 onwards, you actually don’t need Steward (though it will work better with it). With the crazy draw setups I’ve seen you create,...

Apr 20, 2019 Schrodingers Hat 20

Low Investment Hobbit Deck

Here the Link to the Strategy-Guide of the Deck from the Author: cardboardclash.wordpress.com

Apr 19, 2019 kwompf 1

Journey to the New One Deck

You know, most of the time I've spent thinking about Seastan's One Deck is not due to the deck itself (there was a big initial rush of congratulations and then we moved onto other things), but due to you complaining about it (because for some reason you refuse to move onto other...

Apr 19, 2019 Warden of Arnor 3084

The Elvenking's Audience

Cool deck, Bendrie! It's always good to see Spirit Legolas in decks without Gimli.

Apr 19, 2019 Wandalf the Gizzard 853

The Rise of the Hobbit Tacticians

@Card TalkAh yes I completely forgot since I usually dont find myself sitting on enemies when playing hobbits. Thanks for the reminder!

@kjeldWhen used with the second clause (searching the deck), it is extremely effective

Apr 18, 2019 nvbostwick 10


  • smeagol

Apr 18, 2019 doomguard 29