Daily Challenge: Play The Black Serpent using a deck with hero Quickbeam.



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Yeah, he would have been a bit better if priced at 3 or by having higher stats, but it was still an early design. I think it might be best used by being put in play with Tactics Imrahil effect, used in same way in combat (small defense, attacking) and then discarded for its own effect.

Oct 20, 2020 Alonewolf87 600

Secret Vigilance

nice idea! but much work to do,

  1. the core-character can only get in, with timely aid or good tale,needs some luck
  2. get the stallion is additional luck 3.increase defense with changing cloaks work only once per round except you have 3 out (not very likely)
  3. ...

Oct 20, 2020 doomguard 371


Not a bad card in trap decks. But he is pretty costly for only having 2 hit points, IMO. A good target to Sneak Attack in then discard for the threat reduction, though. Also combos well with Prince Imrahil or any card that grants bonuses...

Oct 20, 2020 eddyvan 2

Activate Vigilance

@Alonewolf87, agreed. I play The Storm Comes a decent amount in a similar version. In this build, since spots are limited, I prefer the other cards. I would rarely choose to get The Storm...

Oct 19, 2020 MrSpaceBear 437


6.8b - Éowyn declares as an attacker and exhausts. Action window between 6.8.1. and 6.8.2. - Éowyn triggers her action, becoming ready and adding 9 attack. 6.8.2. - Éowyn contributes 10 attack to the determination of attack value. 6.8.4. - Éowyn is ready, so we can return to 6.8. We remain...

Oct 19, 2020 AJ_800 1

The One Deck

@Kakita_ShiroThank you!

I see it now, you're right. Page 26 of the Rules Reference cleartly states that attackers exhaust during declaration in 6.8b and that attack strength is determined in 6.8.2. Page 22 clarifies that there is an action window between 6.8.1. and 6.8.2....

Oct 19, 2020 AJ_800 1

The Three Hunters of Rohan

you could thorongil eomer

Oct 19, 2020 jvader 5

Killer trees

I'd recommend dropping the Songs of Battle and Travel in favor of A Good Harvest. It's probably not worth bringing 4 cards whose only purpose is to pay for two others.

Oct 19, 2020 Blithe Schlemihl 51