Daily Challenge: Play Challenge of the Wainriders using a deck with Na'asiyah.



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Bilbo is a Burglar indeed !

A Burglar Indeed! really turbo charges Bilbo, not uncommon to get your guarded cards the turn you play them now.

Mar 02, 2024 kypatzer 84

Sing until straight shot

the usual way to make things faster with leadership is We Are Not Idle but i am not always a fan of it, specially if some card like An Unexpected Party around that searches for special cards.

would rather cut

Mar 02, 2024 doomguard 1877

The choir of Hama's orchestra

Thank you very much Alone ! They will bring some pies? :D

Mar 02, 2024 Kaspatou 382

Gòndor a les penombres del bosc negre

De res, com més gent ho fem en català més natural els serà fer-ho a la resta.

No he vingut mai a Llinars, però n'he sentit a parlar. Soc nou en el joc. Cap al 2019 quan vaig descobrir-lo em va ser impossible jugar-lo perquè la gent em deia que era molt difícil aconseguir el...

Mar 02, 2024 Almogaver 4

Els nans s'enfronten als morts (escenari 3 angmar awakened)

Sí, evitar usar cartes que facin descartar cartes perquè això ja ho fa de manera automàtica l'escenari i en el seu lloc posar cartes per recuperar les cartes perdudes. He reescrit la descripció per veure si ara s'entén millor la idea d'aquesta baralla.

Mar 02, 2024 Almogaver 4


base-idea sounds good, but this deck seems to me it takes forever to reach that point. yes you can with her ability and contract play 2 cards without having the sphere, but that seems not enough for my taste and it lack carddeaw.

i have 2 ideas to improve:

carddraw: go few...

Mar 02, 2024 doomguard 1877

And Rohan will answer!

I started playing recently, and have got all the reprinted material, alep and the ability to proxy all the cards that are not in reprint, what are fun decks to combine this with for playing 2-handed? :) Thank you for any advice!

Mar 01, 2024 Zangaxx 1

Beorn's Side Dishes

@kjeld If you want something that can fetch the Wild Stallion, Fang, Grip & Wolf can get that job done. They also don't just search the top 10 cards like a...

Mar 01, 2024 Urthli 133