Panzer (Offensive version)

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Aorakis 510

Here's just a little "Solo" version of my Panzer "2 to 4 players Defensive deck"

Nothing fancy or original at all. just that good old 3 Cards Boring Combo !

Early game, usually you will just build up defense first, with untap then quest and attack, but as always, this is your draw that will mainly tell you what you're going to play or to do.

As usual, on the first hand, you just want to mulligan for Steward of Gondor. Using Daeron's nor Heed the dream to catch it faster. Then the deck start to build up quickly after 3 to 5 rounds you should be quiet and strongly in place.

You might want to add some draw with we're not idle nor the 3rd Deep Knowledge, just customize it the way you want ! Sideboard is there and might also get improvement depending on your wishes and personnal preferences

I defenatly prefer the original version focusing on defense and healing, or even questing (removing untap for anfalas and ethirs nor arwen allies)

But i wanted to give this version a Go...

Cheers from Belgium