Caldara Returns

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Vicaroth 60

Posting my Current decks online. With the changes made to Caldara, you see her less and less but fret not, her ability is still unreal.

  • The deck is much as you would expect. Dump cards into the discard and get back allies. Prince Imrahil will be made a hero and most likely Emery will end up with Sword-thain. The short comings of this deck is, no first turn Sword-thain but how likely will you be able to get this attachment out without providing some support for your heroes?
  • This deck is about setting up the Zigil Miner and Imladris Stargazer combo for discard fodder but in the meantime, getting cheaper Rohan thanks to Santa Théoden, and using their discard abilities to do fill the discard while getting a benefit.
  • Simply put, the attachments Snowmane and Herugrim go on Theoden, making him a questing, attacking machine. Frodo Baggins can soak up damage of attacks and The Galadhrim's Greeting will make sure you don't threat out.
  • Map of Earnil is also a strong card in his deck. While it cannot pull back your A Test of Will, it can get more Rohan and reuse your threat reduction. Plus, a Stand and Fight on demand can be amazing, so keep an eye on your friends discard piles as well.
  • The side quest is only there for an extra bonus tutoring for the combo pieces and for Rider of Rohan, the rest are just beefy allies for Caldara to return.
  • As you can guest, Caldara runs away (discards) only once and never returns. It is a more balanced since the errata but she still has some usage!