The Legacy of Dale

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A Very Good Dale. 2 1 2 1.0
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Zukin 150

Zukin has a newer deck inspired by this one: A Very Good Dale.

Dale has been a strong archetype since the release of it's deluxe box. There isn't much of a change here apart from the addition of the new cards in Roam across Rhovanion.

How does this deck play?

Opening Hand : You want to see any of your free attachments, King of Dale and Traffic from Dale. However Dale has enough draw to keep moving.

Which side quest with Thurindir? : Gather Information or Send for Aid are your go to here.

I can't stress how important it is early game to get attachments on as many Dale characters as possible. It doesn't matter where they go, that is what Long Lake Trader is for! The deck is slow early on, but once you get over that hump by drawing cards with Brand son of Bain and powering your allies up they become nearly unstoppable.

Card Choices

Heed the Dream was a tough choice as I generally prefer Daeron's Runes. However I often find spare resources on Thurindir and with the deck drawing through Brand son of Bain, sometimes you just need a card in the top 5 to get the deck moving.

A Test of Will has been left out as this deck partners with a Silvan deck that has that base covered. However if I were to play the deck solo, I'd drop Sneak Attack for it.

King of Dale is so important in any Dale deck, but doubly so in this one, which is why I chose Thurindir as the third Hero choice.

Wiglaf is a great card and ideally you want him reduced with King of Dale. Bonus points if you can get him in a set of Ancestral Armor.

Wild Stallion is the odd card here. I see them more as flexible attachments that can double as an emergency chud blocker if needed. They also go great with Guardian of Esgaroth!

Master of the Forge as mentioned by 死锁 is a great card in any deck and really pushes a Dale deck by fishing out attachments. However I have left this out as I really enjoy playing thematically.

The deck has a lot of tutor and when played correctly, you should be able to piece together an army worthy of Dale!


Oct 24, 2018 死锁 270

If you use Send for Aid to put Wiglaf into play,It will not trigger its ability.And I don't think a Wiglaf can't earn a attachment is good enough.So Send for Aid is not good in your deck because you don't have big ally.

Heed the Dream is also good too. Any thing need cost 1 additional resource ususally is the worst card in your hand and the top 5 cards of deck. Why not add Master of the Forge into your deck?I bet it will works better than Heed the Dream.

Oct 24, 2018 Zukin 150

@死锁 Good catch on Send for Aid. Thank you for your comment and criticism! I will update the deck accordingly, The reason I left Master of the Forge out was because I am big on theme! What I would switch Heed the Dream for is probably something like Daeron's Runes. But I can imagine Master of the Forge being really good here!

Oct 24, 2018 CDavis7M 138

I like the focus on side-quests to get KoD ASAP.

Also, I wonder why Wild Stallion is anti-Dale, avoiding Dale's attachment card draw. Still, it works well on many Dale characters. I will try it out since it works well with Wiglaf/Guardian/Knight.

Oct 24, 2018 Zukin 150

@CDavis7M Thank you! I really like your Dale deck too!

Perhaps it's to slow them down? Or even to provide flexibility? I'm not sure what they were going for, but I've had a Wild Stallion on a Guardian of Esgaroth and it was great! Got around needing to load multiple attachments on him :)