ArGrimGil (Multiplayer Grimbeorn)

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Spellpierce 33

Hi All,

i have tried alot around with Grimbeorn the Old, one of my most favourit Heros. I mainly play "Multiplayer" means 2 Persons, very seldom 3 People. The Deck should run in Singleplayer too, but i have not tried it so far. There are 51 Cards in, you can cut Windfola, 1 Unexpected (so its would be 1 Starterset legal), one Hauberk or what ever you like, 1 close Call is very random too, could be cut. If you like only 1 Core Set you can also cut 1 Sneakattack and 1 A Test of will.. than you add A Days Rising or something out of the "Sideboard" Area =)

Numbers: Starting with a moderate Treat of 29 with some basic Treatreduction like Doubleback, Gandalf + Sneak, Elronds Council is ok i think and should be enough for most Quests. 6 Quest without any Ally cast, a 3 Block and a 3 Attack, without casting anything.

In my Opinion this is one of the best Setup for Grimbeorn, when combined with Arwen and Gildor.

So how is it running?: In Theory Beorn could be nearly Setuped complete in first Turn by doing:

x Bow of Yew for Free x Playing Captain of Gondor (red Ressource.) x Playing Armord Destrier bei discard in Arwen on Gildor (2 purple Ressoucre) and searching Armord Dest. By playing Horsebreeder (1 blue Ressource)

You "rush" into the game by: 6 Questpower with Arwen + Gildor PLUS a Block and a Attack from Grimbeorn. Dont forget, you can Block at your Teammate too with Beorns Sentinel and Attack back by using the Ability. This could enable nice Teamplay by self Quest for 6, Block at Teammate, Attack with Beorns Ability and the Teammate still can attack with his Heros too. With Armord Destr. You can defend 2 times, for Example 1 Time at own Enemy + one Time at Teammate, removing 1 Shadowcard at the „harder“ Enemy.

There are different really good Starts: Discard for Arwen, playing Treebeard Discard for Arwen in Gildor, playing Armourd Destrier on Beorn Playing The Days Rising + Captain of Gondor on Beorn Playing different Combination out of Signals/Days Rising/Hauberk by creating Gildor Ressource with Arwen In Multiplayer, playing Unexpted C. on Teammate + anything on Beorn can be useful.

If feel there are really less bad start Hands, supported by Horse-Breeder and Open the Armory there many things are setuped fast.

Mid and Lategame you can Draw plenty of Cards by Arwen + Elven Light AND Gildors Ability. When searching for Cards you can generate Ressouces with Elven Light and discarding the additional Card for a Resource on Gildor to Draw an additional Card. That makes Sense when searching for something special like A Test of Will in heavy „Treacherie“ Quests A 2nd or better 3rd Ethir Swordman when more Questpower is needed

In conclusion: You start fast with Questing Arwen + Gildor You Equip Beorn for Defense and offense You search for as many Allys as able for big Qusting

Sideboard could be:

  • The Galadhrim's Greeting (Treat Red.)
  • If you like/need more Attacks, you Rohan Warhorse instead of Armord Destrier or maybe both (not good both in my opinion, because you use all restricted Slots than without "pumping")
  • More Unexpected Courage (if useful on Teammates)
  • In special Scenarios maybe recover the Test of Will (Dwarven Tomb)
  • Steed of Imladris (Placing Marks)
  • Allies that put Marks on Locations like Loriens Guide or Rhovanion Outrider

Downside oft he Deck is, that so many people want to play Arwen and you can not play the fucking strong Arwen Ally! I also tried a slower Version of this Deck by replcing Arwen with Glorfindel, that is running not bad too but many changes are need bacause of needing a way to cheat Asfaloth in. Treebeared is btw. a much used unique Ally too :/

Looking forward for Critic or Advice … and thanks for my bad English. I hope you understand what i want to say.