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Children of Elrond & Scouts
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Valiko 7

Replace Eowyn, Ceduin Traveler, Sailor Of Lune, and Elwing's Flight by the following spoiled cards :


Eowyn --> Lanwyn ( 9 ; 2 / 3 / 1 / 3 ; Ranged Dale Scout (+2 will or ready when a surge is revealed)

Ceduin Traveler --> Rhovanion Outrider ( 3 ; 1 / 2 / 1 / 2 Dale Scout )

Sailor Of Lune --> Woodland Courrier ( 2 ; 1 / 1 / 0 / 2 Silvan Scout )

Elwing's Flight --> Scouting Party ( Response: After you commit characters to quest, if each characters commited is a Scout, each of those characters get +2 until the end of the phase)


This deck is meant to be played with a combat support deck.

For example a Arwen Undómiel / Elladan / Elrohir

The combat support player should play O Lórien! as fast as possible.

It is a deck for controling location and make ranged attack. Haldir (with Wingfoot) and Lanwyn (whenever a surge is revealed) can quest and make a ranged attack in the same round.

Ravenhill Scout is way better than the new spoiled Mirkwood explorer. He is Scout as well, but is ability is easier to use.

TYhis deck includes 16 silvan allies, and 10 scout allies. (and 3 scout heroes)

You can easily rush quests with Scouting Party, even if all your allies are not scout. Just do not commited to quest the round you play this event.

When using Scouting Party, you can keep non scouting spirit allies to use Strength of Will for instance.

Play Ancien Mathom or Elf Stone on the active location when you have a Northern Tracker or a Ravenhill Scout in hand. When both are attached to a location and ou are the first player you can put into play an ally you just draw with Ancient Mathom.