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Sfrug 329

Sfrug has a newer deck inspired by this one: Only the Best 2.0

Note: This is a slight update of the earlier deck, replacing Raiment of War with Gondorian Shield, and cutting to 2x Arwen Undómiel to make room for three of those.

This is based on a very simple idea that, so far as I can tell, no one has yet published here: a deck which includes the heroes with the highest willpower, defense & attack. Of the various 4-willpower heroes, Éowyn is the best quester because of the discard option. The spirit Beregond is chosen for threat reduction and because our attacker, Beorn, doesn't take attachments (so his tactics version wouldn't help as much).

This is meant to be a good deck to hand to beginners: straightforward, easy to pilot, able to handle a lot. Also, it's a pretty solid deck for early in the game. You know all those decks that are fine if you give them a few rounds, but they need a partner to hold things together while they get set up? This deck can pair well with those.

A number of cards here are meant to bolster Beregond's defense: Gondorian Shield of war is for him, as is Gondorian Discipline. Arwen Undómiel can quest and also boost his defense at the same time. Unexpected Courage will let him defend more than once, or let either him or Eowyn add a tiny bit to attack if necessary.

To deal with the possible departure of Beorn, we have Prince Imrahil (to become a replacement hero & attacker), and Fortune or Fate. But since most defending will be done by Beregond, the departure shouldn't be too soon.

After Arwen, the main ally to get out is Glorfindel. Since you can play him from discard, you can, in the meantime, toss him to trigger Eowyn. Once Glorfindel's in play, you can trigger him and Eowyn by tossing extra copies, and also with Elven-light, which should also provide card-draw. Other card draw is through Ancient Mathom.

Since no single card is crucial to the deck working, mulliganing is not crucial, but probably the best early card is Arwen, since she boosts both questing and defense, and could be played on round one.

If anyone has any suggestions for better cards to swap in, I'd love to hear 'em.

(Sideboard: If the deck is being played solo, then The Galadhrim's Greeting is probably not necessary, given Beregond's threat reduction. But if it's played multi-player, you might want to swap it in in order to help others.)