The Road Darkens (Fatty Lights the Way)

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buraddo79 8

This deck played much more smoothly than the version with Sam Gamgee. Fatty Bolger gives me access to so much right up front that he's worth it (especially early pipes and Smoke Rings. Plus, holding him back to defend with Sting on him is an automatic three defense, three hit point Hobbit. That extra hit point can mean a lot. I think Sam Gamgee will make a comeback, as I'd likely sac Fatty Bolger before him, but holding Fatty back to defend, with a couple attachments on him let's me quest with Frodo Baggins and others, not worrying about whether my threat is too high, as with Samwise. With DĂșnedain Warning and one Hobbit Cloak and (Sting), he was defending for six. The option to cancel threat if needed is also there to push through last leg of a quest.

P.S. I know this version of Sting is not the exact one in Saga Expansions; Saga expansions just requires it be a Hobbit hero.

P.S.S. You'll also notice I'm missing many key cards like Fast Hitch, and many other powerful cards (some of which come out later in the Saga). But I'm playing with what I got, and I'm not using saga cards (like Rosie Cotton) until they come out in the order they were released.