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tickler 219

They said we need a deck with attack power. So... I created a deck with attack power. Simple concept. Get an enemy. Block it and kill it. Stand Aragorn with Merry. Stand Merry with a Rohan Warhorse. Get an enemy with Aragorn. Kill it. Repeat. Once you have a solid board state, you can easily kill three enemies per round (including enemies with + > 10).

The rest of the deck is optimized for a stable play. A lot of draw and a mix of expensive and cheap cards to cover both the time with and without the Steward of Gondor. Especially the Ranger of Cardolan does a good job here. Put the Steward to Sam or Aragorn if he already has a Sword that was Broken.

gets a nice push by Faramir or Sword that was Broken. can be done by Defender of Rammas, Ranger of Cardolan or Sam. is handled by sneaky old Gandalf. I was able to beat "Journey down the Anduid" solo on the first try, which is quite nice for a deck designed for multiplayer.

Do you look for anything with real punch in a three or four player game? Here you are.

Fun fact: it is not easy to play a Secret Vigil, because most enemies do not survive more than one round.


Nov 26, 2018 mrbonanza 1

how this deck doing SOLO? maybe you could squeeze gimli leadership, i really like him. also, dunedain mark is ok, but consider bow of yew for aragorn.

Nov 26, 2018 Alonewolf87 1585

Perhaps also Meneldor to help with some location management.

Nov 27, 2018 tickler 219

The deck can be played Solo, but it is limited. It is based on the concept, that you keep Aragorn and Merry active to attack with them and kill multiple enemies. Often you also have to pick a very specific enemy to defend in order to either trigger Sam or have an alternative to block it.

But in Solo games you typically do not have multiple enemies and you cannot pick the enemy suiting for your defense strategy. Also there is no healing, no location control and often a little bit to less willpower at the beginning of the game until you get additional resources from Gondor.

So in short… if the adventure isn't too difficult and you draw the Steward of Gondor in you start hand, you can manage it.

Some changes, which might be handy for Solo playing:

p.s. Bow of Yew isn't a good option, because it is restricted. Both restricted slots for Merry are used for the Rohan Warhorse and Aragorn and Sam want to take two other weapons. So the Dúnedain Mark increases the without eating a restricted slot.