Thranduil, The Elvenking

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Kelfox 219

Overview: This is a fun deck that uses the Silvan bouncing mechanic, coupled with Sneak Attack, Reinforcements and A Very Good Tale to get a lot of bounces for the most benefit. We use Steward of Gondor on Gildor Inglorion to fuel his card draw every turn, but with O Lórien! it's not totally necessary if you want to keep it out of your deck for thematic reasons. I've had games where, with a combination of Sneak Attack, Reinforcements, and Tome of Atanatar I've played a Gandalf every round.

Mullgan: The best hand will have Steward of Gondor, Reinforcements/Sneak Attack and some good ally targets for the bouncy mayhem.

Early Game: Quest with Celeborn and Gildor Inglorion for a pretty strong 6 door kick. Hold Thranduil back to defend and hang onto some resources.

If an enemy shows up that you need to engage, defend with Thranduil and hopefully play a combat ally to help you kill whatever it is. Favorites are of course Legolas for card draw, Marksman of Lórien for tougher enemies or Galadhon Archer all boosted by Celeborn for a pretty strong initial hit.

If you don't need combat help this turn, use Thranduil's ability to get out a good questing character for future turns, like a Haldir of Lórien, a Galadriel's Handmaiden, or even a Silvan Tracker for healing.

Mid/Late Game: By now you should reinforce your main defender Thranduil with a The Elvenking for extra readies, and Ancestral Armor so that he is a respectable 5 , 6 who will automatically heal at least 1 point of damage every turn with Silvan Tracker.

This is where you'll want to liberally use your Sneak Attack, Reinforcements, and Tome of Atanatar to recur these to bounce Gandalf and your elven allies. Draw cards, reduce threat, damage enemies, ready heroes, whatever you need at that moment. Use Reinforcements to call in a Gandalf and another expensive ally and then A Very Good Tale, exhausting these allies to grab permanent allies, who will also have effects when they come into play and is a fun gamble.

Hard cast Naith Guide in planning to allow Celeborn to use his other decent stats in combat, she's a great target for The Elvenking and Feigned Voice