Outlands secrecy

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tickler 219

What is a very resourceful Hirluin the Fair? Correct. He is the new Steward of Gondor after he helped Prince Imrahil to defeat Mordor. Actually, they had to sacrifice a hobbit to achieve their goals. But the created distraction was enough to muster all the Outlands forces.


Depending on your starting hand you can use Folco's resource and then drop him or keep him a round or two. The low threat helps you to survive the first rounds until you played enough Outland allies. And of course it allows you to play Resourceful and Timely Aid, which give the deck a good boost.

Once the deck gets some extra resources and the Lord of Morthond boosts your draw, you can play the normal Outland style spamming the board with allies. Nothing special then. Just quest for 40 and kill everything just with pure mass.

I wouldn't say it is better than using Denethor as third Hero, but it is a very different play experience. When you like theme-based Outland-decks, give it a try!