Bears and ladies

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tickler 219

This is a theme deck for the beorning trait. It uses the combat ace Grimbeorn the Old combined with the two powerful Heros Arwen Undómiel and Éowyn to cover questing. The deck uses a very low cost-curve and a lot of draw to play as much cards as possible. It can be played both in single- and multiplayer games.

The main trick is of course to use Beorning Skin-changer to use Beorn or Giant Bears for free. Stand and Fight allows to repeat the effect. Arwen Undómiel can even turn these cards into money and later you can reuse them.

Arwen and Eowyn quest for 7, which is good at the beginning of game. But your total willpower is limited. Location-heavy encounters can be tricky. Except for the support of the outlands, there is not a lot of additional provided by allies. Mind the Ethir Swordsmans do not have additional , but the Honour Guard might save them in case of direct damage.


The beorning trait brings a lot of , and with it. Additional weapons and armors help out. Especially, Grimbeorn's ability is not limited to once per phase. Motivated by unexpected courage he can use his direct counter attack multiple times per round.

The threat can be controlled by Double Back, Elrond's Counsel and Secret Vigil. With a starting threat of 26 you should be able to stay < 30 for a while.