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Lord Alcaron 168

This is a way of using Háma to recycle non-tactics cards. In this case, A Test of Will.

Use Deep Knowledge, Daeron's Runes, Beravor, and Elven-light to draw cards until you get a Rallying Cry and Emery. And with all the Doomed it shouldn't be long until you enter Valour. Once you are in Valour, play Rallying Cry and continuously play Emery to discard your deck, because as long as she is discarded, Rallying Cry can return her to your hand so that you can play her again. (Credits to Seastan for that combo). If you discard three spirit or neutral cards in a row, play Born Aloft to 'manually' return Emery to your hand. Wait to discard your deck until you have A Test of Will, Galadhrim Weaver, and a Pursuing the Enemy in your hand, or a Dwarven Tomb in place of Galadhrim Weaver or A Test of Will.

Once you are in this position, you will also want to play the A Test of Will or discard it with Arwen Undómiel or Protector of Lórien. Now that it is on the top of your discard pile, every turn, you can play Galadhrim Weaver to shuffle it into your (non-existent) deck, then play Pursuing the Enemy to return the Galadhrim Weaver to your hand. Then play Elven-light to draw your A Test of Will, which you can use during the quest phase. During the combat phase if you played the A Test of Will this turn, use Háma to return Pursuing the Enemy to your hand and discard the Elven-light. Then pay for the Elven-light to make the top card of the discard pile A Test of Will. (You can get the Elven-light back into your discard pile next turn using Arwen Undómiel). Now you have A Test of Will on the top of your discard pile, and Pursuing the Enemy and Galadhrim Weaver in your hand, so you can repeat this next turn.

The whole combo costs 4 resources: 1 for the Galadhrim Weaver, 1 for the A Test of Will, and 2 for the Elven-light (you pay for it twice in a turn). These 4 spirit resources come from Arwen Undómiel's natural resource, a resource from her ability, and Steward of Gondor. Make sure you have a Steward of Gondor or Second Breakfast in hand before discarding with Emery, and make sure you have a Song of Kings or A Good Harvest.

To recap, this is what you are looking for in your hand before you discard your deck with Emery and Rallying Cry:

  1. Pursuing the Enemy
  2. Either A Test of Will or Dwarven Tomb.
  3. Either a Galadhrim Weaver or Dwarven Tomb.
  4. Song of Kings or A Good Harvest.
  5. Either Steward of Gondor or Second Breakfast.

As of now, the deck can't do much but run the combo, but it can quest reasonably well with Ethir Swordsman, and defend with Blood of Númenor. Feedback on how to make the deck more efficient, or ideas for other events to recur would be appreciated.