Black as Your Soul Tactics

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Purple Dain 8

DISCLAIMER: This is not a good deck. It's a joke deck. It's highly recommended that if you use it, you sigh heavily in frustration at the world each time you draw a card.

Look how moody these cards are. Moody as in "misunderstood." You know, like that guy down the street who was discovered to have 4 bodies in his freezer was misunderstood.

Háma is literally cutting at his neck with a sword. Just to show the world how much he doesn't care.

Mablung straight up looks like he got caught hunched over the body of his most recent victim.

Na'asiyah - "Uh like, whatever. I'm so pissed at the world right now that I'm gonna pose for my senior picture while looking menacingly at this knife."

If these cards could talk, they'd all talk about how the world is as cold and as black as your ex-girlfriend's heart. Yeah. They're moody.

Allies (mostly)

Defender of the Naith, Rúmil, [Knife-work]](/card/06111), and The Hammer-stroke could be in their own L'oreal commercial, if L'oreal sold depression and crappy attitudes.

Déorwine practically has "dour" in his name. Super moody. Probably about to listen to his old My Chemical Romance albums.

Envoy of Pelargir "Like what am I supposed to do with this paper? Just hold it forever? Ugh...this day is so stupid."

Riddermark Knight is the card emo kids dream about. Looks like he could have walked right out of that horror movie "Really Black Souls" or whatever it was called.


Dagger of Westernesse - "More like dagger of western-ness, the capitalist pigs."

Firefoot - You can get it any color you like, as long as it's black.

Gondorian Fire "They won't be laughing at me when they realized their boat burned to the ground."

Mighty Prowess - Ted Bundy and his latest fling.

Resourceful - What's darker than murdering small woodland creatures?

Song of Mocking - "My whole life is a mockery. I think I'll write a song about it."


Dour Handed - In this deck for two reasons. Jack Sparrow and his rad eyeliner, and the word "dour."

Fierce Defense - What you get when a hobbit does Derek Zoolander's "Blue Steel." So moody.

Straight Shot and The Wizards's Voice - So heavy they could be Iron Maiden album covers.