Friendships Rekindled (Fire in the Night Solo)

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kypatzer 78

I built this deck to beat Fire in the Night solo. I wanted to use several cards that I had not used extensively before.

Mulligan for Imladris Stargazer, she is the key to the deck. Early on the goal is to set up your deck to get an Ancestral Armor on Dain with Well Equipped. She also allows you to pick the optimal cards to discard with Dain’s ability and the Zigil Miner. Later Well Equips work well with Unexpected Courage.

An Unexpected Friendship in your opening hand can also help get the Stargazer or a Steward into play first turn.

Steward of Gondor, All defense boosts and Unexpected Courages go on Dain. He is a beast defender when you get him set up. Dont be afraid to let a few Dragon attacks go strait to the towm early. you don’t want to damage Dain too much until you get your defense and/or healing online.

Legacy Blades are great against this quest, they both go on Haldir. He is your dedicated attacker, he will be the one damaging the dragon late game! He is also great for picking off those Stray Goblinsthat like to hang out in the staging area.

Gildor mostly quests and draws you cards, he is a great Leadership splash hero.