Core Set Spirit/Lore Deck Dol Guldur Variant

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WhiteTowerWatchman 128

Took out the "Will of the West" for an extra ally. No time for reshuffling in this quest, just make like Thin Lizzy and Jail Break, then get to the chopper! Otherwise Identical to my progression style "A Passage Through Mirkwood" deck.


Mar 09, 2019 dbldbl 45

What happens when Beravor is captured? :D

Mar 09, 2019 WhiteTowerWatchman 128

You draw less cards haha. This is run in a 2 player game with my core set leadership/tactics deck. It can consistently beat Dol Guldur I would say 2 out 3 games and that’s a conservative estimation. A wild setup, location lock, or Eowyn being captured are three early game conditions it has a hard time with. I’ve beat it with all other heroes being captured. Generally it can quest out of 1b in 2 rounds and Legolas can pop and enemy to rescue the prisoner on the same round or at latest prisoner is rescued round 3. It actually has a high win rate when Berevor, Eleanor, Legolas, or Theodred are captured. Aragorn slightly less but still possible. There are ways to play around each hero being captured other than Eowyn. When Berevor is captured I generally just take advantage of my 2 spirit resources/turn and play Northern Tracker as early as possible. It’s a very location heavy encounter deck and the treacheries are not hard hitting. There are some tough enemies but if Berevor is captured the other deck can handle enemies just fine and put progress on the quest to speed the rescue. If it’s locations early then Northern Tracker like I said. If it’s treachery heavy early then you’ll just eat them and make more progress to rescue Berevor. It seems to work out more often than not.