Engage Warp Speed!

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ohuerc 434

The name of the game: ENGAGE EVERYTHING! I may have done decks like this long ago, but I don't think Battle-fury was an option at the time. So now I have those and Wait no Longer, and Beorning Skin-changers, and the ever-blocking Beregond with Behind Strong Walls and Desperate Defense. This has not been tested, and the different number of copies of different events might want a change.

So now to feed Mablung we have:

What else? There's basically no weapons at all here, so the other player(s) need to fix that for me so I can Foe-hammer. Cram would be helpful early-game before I find the readying attachments, if anyone runs Leadership. The Support of the Eagles combo with Vassal of the Windlord is thin here, not many copies, it's mostly gravy if I find it. But then Aragorn can one-shot more enemies. There's more focus here on defense than on offense.

In the sideboard: some other stuff I considered, which maybe could go in another player's deck. Because Rohan Warhorse is Restricted, other weapons may be a problem, but DĂșnedain Mark could boost Aragorn's solo attack. I don't have a Noble for Heir of Mardil, but it would go great on Mablung if we want the crazy combo. I also don't have the traits for Proud Hunters or Well Warned, or the color for A Burning Brand.