The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill

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#9 Progression Series - The Hobbit (I-II-III)
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toffee 51

Highlander Vanilla Deck. 100% Fun.

3 Core Set used.

I think it's the best deck I've ever played...after Core Set / Shadows of Mirkwood / Khazad-Dum / Dwarrowdelf / The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill.

  • "Vilya" + "Steward of Gondor": 3x off. MUST HAVE. "Master of the Forge" and "Imladris Stargazer" help to find them. The "abuse" of them can help to play an highlander deck.
  • "Theodred": Fixer hero in order to have a "nuts" hand. Speed resources and helpfully.
  • Vanilla "Radagast" + Eagles: they help to defend all enemies with the helpfully Radagast.
  • "Dwarven Tomb" + "Stand and Fight": 1x off in order to have all events-allies re-playable. On the other hand, they are bad revealed by Vilya, but they can help about "discard encounter cards" or an "ally destroyed" or with "Daeron's Runes".

Mathematically: all 3x copies of one card are considered to a "Must Have" on initial hand. The sinergy is incredible in this deck, I recommend to play this deck until you'll unlock Galadriel.

Let's Fun!