The Elvenking's Audience

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Bendrie 131

Celeborn has come to visit the woodland kingdom in Mirkwood for an audience with Thranduil and his son. He has come to request a unity between the two woodland kingdoms in the form of Marriage. But who will be the proposed wife for legolas - stay tuned for the next silvan deck...

Maybe not the most powerful deck, as this version of Legolas without Gimli is not great without attachments. However, Once it ramps up, a very fun deck indeed (as most silvan decks are).


Legolas's ability is usually used to ready Celeborn by discarding an Elven-light so he can assist in attacking or other actions the quest might require. For example, this deck beat Ghost of Framsburg first try because I was able to let Celeborn use Scatha's teeth every turn to lower my threat, even though I spent an age looking for the final loot objective.

The Naith Guide's are in there if you haven't found Light of Valinor for Legolas OR you don't have a spare card to discard for his ability.


Once Thranduil has Ancestral Armor he becomes a 5 defence, 6HP defender which has been GREAT (although Dagnir chewed him up a few times in Fire in the Night). The other armour (if drawn and you have extra resources) works great on a Greenwood Defender. And the Elvenking is incredible with Galion, providing an extra 2 willpower with the ally when he enters play then 2 defences with Thranduil.


Legolas once quipped with light of valinor and a Mirkwood Long-knife is able to defeat your weaker enemies, and once you pop in a Greenwood Archer during combat via Thranduil, an extra 3 attack goes a long way.


The Galadhrim Healer help out Thranduil if in dire need and mitigates archery.

The Galadhrim Minstrel finds your elven lights or Test of will's pretty quickly.

The Woodland Courier ain't a bad one to jump in during combat as he will be boosted to 2 attack, plus an extra progress or two isn't the worst thing in the world.

While it may not be as good as Galadriel with these elf lords, Legolas provides some starting attack and it only really struggles with questing out of the gate against high threat quests. (Also I can'y express how much I love the Galion ally, being able to jump in for free, quest, then either utilise Elvenking, or trigger one of the powerful silvan events.


Apr 18, 2019 doomguard 1245

if u put in captains wisdom u are (with luck) able to play the armor 1. round.

Apr 18, 2019 Bendrie 131

That is a very nice strategy, I think i'll try that out!

Apr 19, 2019 Wandalf the Gizzard 1871

Cool deck, Bendrie! It's always good to see Spirit Legolas in decks without Gimli.