Line of the Half-Elven

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Last Host of the Firstborn V.2
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Line of the Half-Elven 0 0 2 4.0
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Line of the Half-Elven 2 0 0 6.0
Elrond and Co (Saga - A Shadow of the Past) 0 0 1 1.0
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Psychorocka 453

Psychorocka has a newer deck inspired by this one: Line of the Half-Elven

Line of the Half-Elven is intended to be run alongside The Grey Company either two handed or two player. The two decks work together and key attachments and effects are intended to be used on the other deck's characters. Once the decks get going and the various card draw engines and resource acceleration is set up they are quite powerful and have beaten almost every quest to date (excluding most nightmare which I have not played just yet).

When playing quests that include nasty condition attachments x3 copies of Power of Orthanc are included.