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Schmeril 11

This is a stand in deck used to represent 3 non-published heroes. Played by The Purple Wizard. Long ago myself and 3 friends created hero versions of ourselves. Then we decided we wanted to play through the Tale of Years Campaign as ourselves. One deck represents the three heroes. The other decks change to represent our allies in the region of the quest. Dwarves in Kazad Dhum, Silvan in Mirkwood, Gondor in ... well, Gondor. This deck picks up support cards from these along the way, resulting in a very eclectic deck. The actual 3 heroes are something like this.

Tactics Elf. Sentinel. When he exhausts to defend you may damage a different enemy engaged with the same player.

Spirit Elf. Ranged. Raise your threat by 2 to move an enemy engaged with you back to the staging area.

Lore, Wizard. Istari. Healing ability during the refresh phase.