Straight Shootin' Noldor

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Elladan + Rivendell Bow + Rivendell Blade + Rivendell Blade + Straight Shot = murder. (The only non-nightmare, non-unique enemy with more than four defense is the Mountain Troll from The Redhorn Gate, who is not exactly intimidating.)

Elladan runs without his brother because he doesn't need the attack boost, because Straight Shot. Háma shows up because Straight Shot. Arwen Undómiel pays for the questers, and she can pass a resource to Elladan to give him an extra ready if needed. (Elladan and Aragorn are the only Arwen-eligible targets in tactics, and while Aragorn's built-in defense reduction is awesome, requiring Elf-friend before you can get your blades on slows the deck's murderizing down.)

Elf-friend goes on Háma to get him a Rivendell Bow just to increase the number of viable targets for event recycling. Nothing worse than having all of your Straight Shots in the discard and no engaged enemies for Háma to target because you already murderized them all.

Ideal opening-hand targets are Elven-light or Bofur to get to your blades and bows quickly. Unlike most Háma decks, there's no Foe-hammer; the Hammer relies on destroying enemies, and most of your kills will be of the "discard" variety, instead. For supplementary draw, there's Bilbo Baggins and his Pipe; he's mostly in because 2 cost for 2 willpower and 2 HP is a great deal, but he equips his pipe for free and turns every Elrond's Counsel into free card draw in addition to threat reduction and a willpower boost. Not too shabby.

There's no Denethor in this deck because screw you guys I can quit any time I want to.