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Tegyrius 119

My best attempt so far at a solo deck that can get some guarded attachments into play. It can't beat the toughest quests, often it struggles in early questing and/or defense. However, I did beat the King's Qeust today! Most times you get 1 guarded attachment into play, sometimes zero and the personal record in a non-newbie quest is 3.

How to play:

Steward of Gondor on Gimli is a must. He provides action advantage with his resources and most stuff that gets the deck going are also leadership cards. Fully tooled up, he has four readies (including the one from Legolas), 7 defense, 7 health and cancels a shadow card on a second defense. Also, remember to move the Dúnedain Warning if you need Aragorn to step in as a defender. Allies are there to quest, card draw and attack. Ceorl is a positive suprise, since there isn't much you spend spirit resources on. Bilbo Baggins gets you the Dúnedain Pipe to cycle card, which gets the guarded attachments back into the decks which lets you play them when you want them with the King's return. Ring of Thrór or Glamdring are first priority, depending on the situation. Use Elven-light to quest with Legolas and draw it right back. Arwen Undómiel is x2 since she provides both defense and questing early on, which the deck struggles with. Faramir is the new version from A shadow in the east. Perfect for the concept, but slow to play for the deck. However, he can be Sneak Attack-ed to snipe if you don't have Gandalf in hand.


Jun 28, 2019 The BGamerJoe 4210

That's a lot of unique cards! I got to play a few quests with this deck and it performed really well. I even beat Mount Gundabad with it. I featured it here on my blog: