Princes of the Eldar

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You're Eldar Than You've Ever Been (& Now You're Even Eldar)
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Some Sort 3032

A Noldor deck designed to be paired with Queens of the Eldar in this fellowship. Unlike Queens, this deck doesn't play quite as well on its own; if you want to take it out solo, replace the secrecy cards and add hero Arwen Undómiel.

The deck has two main goals. Its #1 priority is playing all three copies of Resourceful across the table on the Queens of the Eldar deck. This should be done at all costs; with Arwen able to pass a resource across the table, there's no excuse for ever not playing one (provided you're still in secrecy).

After that, the job is to get out as many Noldor as possible so when the other deck starts cycling Lords of the Eldar like mad, you'll have a lot of allies to benefit. Everything (except Lords of the Eldar itself) costs 2 or less if you're in secrecy, so it's all playable, (especially with an extra resource from Arwen). If you get the Imladris / Miner combo going, you can even play two or three cards a round.

Message from Elrond is mostly to pass the other deck A Good Harvest to play Steward, or else to hand out Vanish from Sight or Elrond's Counsel to keep everyone's secrecy discount for as long as possible. Another underrated use? If you have a card that you don't want to discard at the end of the round, pass it with Message and it'll instead get shuffled back into your deck.


May 12, 2016 stokesbook 2644

@Some SortYou can only play Resourceful on heroes you control, ya goofball