Elrond Wields The One Ring

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JediMindTrick 36

This is a pure theory deck as of right now (havent had a chace to test anything yet)

I really think Frodo Baggins is a really stand out hero to both manage threat and to have better action economy for an expensive hero.

My initial thought process were the stand outs (Gandalf, Treebeard, and Elrond) to focus the deck around.

Though Gandalf was a very close 2nd choice, I choose Elrond because I could include a wider range of allies to help supplement the strong hero choice.

My thought for this is Elrond has a really strong stat line (only 1 less than Gandalf for 1 less cost. plus Vilya, enough said...)

In most cases, Elrond is seen more so as a support hero to pump out really good allies to stem roll a quest. However being a hero AND a Noble opens up a good defender in the attachment department.

Ancestral Armor and A Burning Brand make it so Elrond can defend for 5 , 7 , and ignore a shadow card. Pretty good by any standards.

So I got a good Defender for tough enemies and a decent 5 in Frodo Baggins and Elrond. All for 20 . What is needed is location control to avoid being land locked. Que Glorfindel.

I know, not the most original concept but he just works. A low starting Vilya deck with 8 starting can deal with almost any starting board state a quest deck could throw at you.

Glorfindel also opens up Asfaloth for targeted location bombing. Coupled with Northern Tracker and locations shouldnt stay in the staging area for long.

The final fun times to try with the new set is Elrond wielding The One Ring and accompanying events. Again untested but the starting 45 cap isnt a huge issue, this deck give you a 20 space to work with. Not to mention Frodo Baggins threat reduction effect.

Note: At this time I’m not sure of the A Burning Brand errata that is coming. Until it’s official I built the deck with the current errata in effect. Changes may be made.

The rest of the deck is built as a standard Vilya deck, beefy allies. Greedy Steward of Gondor. Encounter deck management with A Test of Will and new The Master Ring.

I look forward to testing this out, but any feed back is appreciated with the mind set that this deck is built with card sets that I physically have. As much as I would love Elrond's Counsel and the Mumukil allies, as of the time of this write up, those packs are running $50-60 each.