Big threat, big reward?

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Kristian 18

Kristian has a newer deck inspired by this one: Big threat, big reward?

To celebrate that I have completed my collection I am going to try to take this trio of heroes through the Dreamchaser cycle. Your suggestions for improvements and which 5 cards to cut are very welcome!


Aug 15, 2019 Christian_Medic 848

Very fun looking deck! Off the top I would suggest dropping down to 1x copies of your unique allies as much as possible. Then adding in Dori ally to also soak hits for the Bear. Adding in the third copy of Honour Guard. And then swapping fortune or fate for Houses of Healing as you have enough healers to potentially get a cost reduction for playing it. Double Back is also worth considering as threat reduction is huge. And Horn's Cry as well to help especially since you will have your valour action pretty quick.

Aug 15, 2019 Kristian 18

Thank you for the suggestions. I've made an updated version.