Southern Vacation

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Elessar010 502

As a sequel to completing the quests that I have in the Against the Shadow cycle, I just bought the Sands of Harad and the first three packs of that cycle. I managed to win the Against the Shadow quests with a mix of Gondor and Outlands. I'm taking that a step further, since I wanted to have the locals represented in the Harad cycle.

Kahliel and Hirluin seemed fun to pay for their allies of any sphere. But, I am not sure where Steward of Gondor should go, which is why I included Errand-riders, so I could move resources from one of them, to the other, so that they can pay for their allies. Both of them make Lord of Morthond valuable, since it doubles the non-leadership allies I will have to play.

Since Kahliel can cause an ally to leave play, I thought he'd be a double-ready for another Harad character and Imrahil. Also, Rallying Cry is in my sideboard, because I could put that ally into my hand after using Kahliel, instead of discarding them. But, this may be a stretch.

I haven't looked ahead to the quests or anything, but if anyone has any tips, I'd be open to hearing them. If there is a power card that is not represented here, it's likely because I don't own it, like I'm disappointed I don't have Hauberk of Mail for Jubayr.


Aug 30, 2019 Alonewolf87 1585

Nice deck, just one nitpick: Kahliel's ability makes you discard an Harad ally from the hand, so it's not does not leave play (cards in the hand are not in play) and thus Imrahil is not triggered.

Aug 30, 2019 Elessar010 502

@Alonewolf87dang! Thanks for that, I misread the card. Well that's a bummer!