Elrond : Steward of Middle Earth (v2)

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Aorakis 510

Here's an other version of "Elrond : Steward of Middle Earth"

With Galdor instead of Arwen, this version is faster for grabbing Steward of Gondor and launch the mechanic.

I'm still thinking about how much Vilya in this version. That ring is nice for having the Spirit ressource, allowing to play some Greetings, Unexpected Courage and even Test of will would be playable.

So the deck is still in progress, but it works quite good in multiplayer with those warden of healing that are always welcome with Elrond for massive healing.

There's a lot of stuff to try out and the deck is really flexible about "cards"

You can easely remove 6, 7 cards to make this deck a better fit for you playstyle.

Wich is always good, specially in multiplayer game.

So far the deck works fine, but i'm still working on it !

Idea, suggestions and open talk are welcome ;)




May 17, 2016 Shep 254

What do you think about Gaining Strength ? It may help Elrond to have three resources turn 1, maybe 5 if you have a Steward of Gondor!

Gaining Strength is a very good card with Denethor !

May 17, 2016 Aorakis 510

@Shep sure Gaining is a really good cards with Denethor 2, Like Gondor Wealth, and specially in that Outlands version of 13nrv where they can boost the swarm like crazy.

But here, if you look closely, i don't really need 3, or 5 ressoruces on elrond turn 1. I might get wrong of course. So i will have to try it out.

The Basic Idea here was : having 4 ressources, to pay most of those 4 cost allies, and later on, playing some more with Vilya.

That way, once in place the deck can bring 2*4cost allies per turn. Or more with "A very good tale"

The deck is really on his "Prototype phase" atm so, a lot Can change until i found what i'm looking for :D