The Ultimate Three Hunters Build

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Spellpierce 33

Welcome to my „Ultimate“-Three-Hunters Build

When the Three-Hunters-Contract was spoiled, i was very excited. Having strong attached Hero was always one of my favourite Deckbuilding-Strategy. Finally there is a Chance now to put more then 2 restricted Attachments onto a Hero, and not only that, also to reduced Costs. PERFECT. But thats not all, also you get a strong Willpowerboots, once it is Fliped and a little Heal that „Counters for Example Archery Damage“. All in ALL again PERFECT. Who needs Allies anymore?

I have seen some well rounded Three-Hunters-Decks here on RingsDB. The Version with Eomer attacking into the Zoningarea i tested already in some Games and it runs very smooth. The Version with Gimli (Leadership) and Legolas (Spirit) is nice too, but i dont like the very high Startingtreat.

Now i had some Time thinking about that Contract to build my „own Deck“ because i was missing some things in the so far released Builds. The Ability to use the Willpoer Buff AND the Bonus of Attaching 3 Restricted Items at same Time with different Heros. The following Build resolved and should be strong as a Solo- AND Multiplayer-Deck.

(!! Fellowship = Three Hunters Contract; Warrior Sword = the upcoming War Axe!!)


  • Glorfindel
  • Grimbeorn the Old
  • Sam Gamgee

Why this Herosetup? Because all of them could be used twice per Turn. (And more with „Unexpected“ and/or „Destrier“)

So what happens?

Glorfindel Quests without exhausting when Light of Valinor is attached.

Grimbeorn Defends and Counterattacks (1 Tactic-Ressource, what you will have free after first Turn because of the Costreduction -> Contract)

Sam Quests and untaps when engaging an Enemy

STARTTREAT = very low 24

So what you get EARLY and LATEGAME:


Theory 1st Turn: Sam get the ONE Ring. I dont like this Item! 6 Treat for a very bad Test of Will, does not feel good for me. But here its okey to fasten the Contract-Flip-Buff. It makes a big difference early, with the ONE Ring you can flip in Theory first turn. A slower Variant without Ring still is good too, feel free to swap the Ring out. Example perfect 1st Turn:

Glorfindel: Rivendell Blade/Dagger + Roundshield

Grimbeorn: Raiment

Sam: Celebrian Stone Sadly this works with Roundshield (Cost Zero) only, which is pretty bad on Glorfindel, but worth if fullfilling the Contract Turn 1!!!.

This resolves 1st Turn in:


Quest Willpower 5 OR Attack (5) 3 with -2 Defense


4 Defense OR 4 Attack, at 7 Life


Willower 7 AND untaps after engaging an Enemy with higher Engagementcost


Theory Full Build:


Quest without Exhausting: Light of Valinor, 3 Restricteds = 6 Willpower AND Attack for 10: War Axe (3 Att), Rivendel (-2 Def), Dagger (2 Attack) = 10 Attack


Quest in general NOT but in case of need you can for 3 Willpower

Defend Raiment 1 Def, Capt. of G. +1, Hauberk +1 = 6 Defense at 8 Life (with Mithril Shirt you could take an 8 Attack undefended)

Do it again with Destrier OR depends on your choise Attack for 3 more with War Axe


Counterattack for: Raiment 1 Att, Capt. of G. 1 Att, = 5 Attack -2 Def or with War Axe (9) 7 Attack -2 Def.

Sam: Quest for 2 CelebStone, 2 Strider, 1 Sting, 3 Restricted, = 11 Willpower

Attack/Defend: Untap when Engaging and support with 3 Attack and 1 ping (Sting) or when there is no other Option Defend for 3 and ping 1 Dmg (Sting). TAKE CARE blocking with the ONE Ring attached =)


This Build is VERY versatile, you can Swap different Heros and Cards for Example if someone else need to play one of the Heros you would take or in Case that you want to fit your Deck more to a special Scenario.

For Example: Switching Sam against Elfhelm (2 more Starttreat, no untap, better Stats for the other Heros), you would need to add the „Horses“ like Windfola/Noldor Horse and Rohanwarhorse. Im sure thats a very strong Build also, but have not tested it. Resolves in higher Lategame Stats.

You can Swap Glorfindel if someone else need to play it with Frodo Spirit -but its a pretty other and worse Build then- (helps to Defend and high not planed Attack of an Enemy by dealing the undefended Damage to Frodo and race your Treat instead) or Sam with Frodo Leadership (you can untap another Hero after Questing and lower your Treat looks okey too), both seems very strong together with „Sting“.

You can Swap Grimbeorn with Boromir which also can Defend and Attack and profits more from Gondorian-Shield. With him (if you have Space for Treat) you also can use the Willpoer of 4 when full Equiped.

If taking Denetor over Sam i would also add Ancestral Armor which could be played then first Turn on Denetor = 5 Defense, 5 Life + Gondorian Shield you get a 7 Defender

Thoughts about Cards fitting for different Setups:

Always common Cards could be put in when playing vs. special Adventures like:

Feint agains Enemycrowded Quests.

Elronds Council / Doubleback/ Favor of the Valar if Treat is a matter.

Rally the West add +2 / +3 Willpower, maybe better in Boromir Build

Days Rising is nice with Grimbeorn, you get a Ressouce after Blocking with him, with Destrier you can 2 x Block and 2 x Counterattack

For the ONE Ring i would take the Test of Will but depending on Quest the Untap can be Strong or the additional Feint

So far, much Text. I hope some people read it and also some People try out this Deck. If you have bad or good experience with it, let me know.

Happy Playing =)


Oct 31, 2019 banania 1580

Hum, defining The Master Ring as a "very bad Test of Will" seems a bit harsh. That card lets you cancel a WHOLE card. Doomed, surge, locations, enemy... anything you don't want to see! It's absolutely insanely powerful.

Oct 31, 2019 Bullroarer Took 83

I for one agree with the description. Maybe exclude very, but "bad Test of Will" is how I think of it. Still, having it in your opening hand isn't to be sneezed at.

Love the deck Spellpierce.

Nov 01, 2019 Wandalf the Gizzard 1900

If I was a card, and someone called me a very bad Test of Will, I'd feel complimented!