Cirdan and Frodo

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tickler 219

Secrecy deck with CĂ­rdan and Frodo. The deck can be used solo and in multiplayer games with other low-to-medium-threat decks. Folco is used to have one neutral resource, but should be discarded typically in this first round.

Starting hand

You want to see some secrecy cards. Celduin Traveler or Rivendell Scout are great. An early Timely Aid is good. Other useful cards Strider (on Frodo) or Light of Valinor (on Cirdan). Leaf Brooch goes on Cirdan, because with Narya he can use both Courage Awakened and Swift and Silent for free.

Easy one. Frodo, Elrond's Counsel, Double Back and sneaky Gandalf should keep your threat < 20 for the complete game.

The deck has a lot of willpower. Especially, the deck is really fast and gets a lot of willpower very quickly. You should be able to quest with 10+ in round 2.

There are different possibilities to defend. Jubayr and Narya do a good job. Frodo with Cloak and Staff of Lebethron works fine. Arwen and Rosie can boost the defense.

Well. Yes. This is not your core skill. Let us say: you will not survive combat focused adventures in solo mode. For normal adventures you have enough small stuff helping you to defeat enemies. In multiplayer a guy with ranged attacks is handy.


The deck is fast and fun to play. It provides a lot of different cards and there is no strict way to play it.