Not Your Father's Boromir Jank

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Some Sort 3143

Some Sort has a newer deck inspired by this one: Beorn: the Jankening

Here's a Boromir Jank deck. You all know Boromir Jank, I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel. There's a secrecy twist so we can get those Resourcefuls, but otherwise we've got Boromir and Galadriel and her Mirror to fish for some Stewards of Gondor and a couple copies of...

A couple copies of...

Wait. Hold on a goddamn minute here. Where the hell is the Steward of Gondor? Where's the Gondorian Fire? Where's the Blood of Númenor?

Yeah, okay, so I'm trying to reinvent the wheel. You know who looks at a well-designed Boromir jank deck and thinks "this deck is just too powerful and not quite janky enough?"

This guy right here does. This guy likes it super-janky. NTTAWWT.

The reason we're not using Blood or Fire is because Galadriel can't attack or defend. Did I mention we're playing the Resourcefuls on Galadriel? Because that's totes gonna happen. Really, there's no point in attaching anything to Boromir since he's only here for his second ability.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that we're only playing Boromir for his second ability. Because that's a real thing that we're doing.

So here's what you do: you stuff Galadriel full of resources. Then you have Boromir drop a Hammer-stroke. Then you Desperate Alliance away Galadriel, and you blow up Boromir to deal two damage to every enemy on the board.

And then you take all those attacks undefended. No, really, all of them. Just assign the damage to a hero you contr... a hero you... oh, that's right, you don't control any heroes. So I guess you just can't assign any of that damage this round.

Oh well.

When Galadriel comes back at the end of the phase, maybe consider dropping a Fortune or Fate to bring Boromir back, too. And then scream "JANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, BOROMIR!", flip the table, turn around, and walk away.

One last thing: don't look back.

Legends never look back.