It Held Over Him A Power Too Great

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kypatzer 51

The Fellowship is a stand in for The Grey Wanderer contract - the wielder of The One Ring does not share power!

One of the Master Rings is a stand in for Inner Strength.

This deck imagines what would have happened if Gandalf had given into temptation and taken The One Ring for himself. He uses the Rings power of influence and command to gathering up Middle-Earths greatest Heroes and compel them to do his bidding. His goal is to rid the world of Sauron and his evil forces but eventually he will merely replace him on his dark throne.

Wizard Pipe should be your initial attachment, then mulligan for Strider or Word of Command. Other great opening hand cards are Steward of Gondor, Master of the Forge and Expert Treasure Hunter. Your initial Master card can be either a Master Ring or Inner Strength depending on the quest. Master Ring for bad treacheries, Inner Strength for bad enemies/shadows.

Early-game: take advantage of secrecy to play the Celduin Travelers for Willpower and Timely Aids for your bigger allies.

Mid-game: the Master of the Forge should help you find Gandalf’s toys, Unexpected Courages & Elfstones. You can use the Elfstones to get out any costly allies that end up in your hand (or your own resources & Wizard Pipe). Extra copies of Uniques can be discarded to Daeron’s Runes or to ready Glorfindel. If your lucky enough to get a Daeron’s Runes on top of your deck don’t forget you should play it during a non-planning phase if possible to maximize the amount of times you can use Gandalf’s resource icon gaining ability.

Late-game: once Gandalf is set up he should be questing without exhausting (Strider) and have multiple readies (Grey Wanderer and Unexpected Courages). You should be able to use him for defense/attack and Narya to maximize the power you hold over your minions.

Note: Gandalf’s biggest weakness is his love of the halfling’s leaf. It is essential that you do not lose Wizard Pipe. It is your only means of getting your uniques onto the top of your deck & into play. If you are playing a quest that has attachment hate be sure to keep back a Master Ring to save the pipe.