The Fellowship of the Ring

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97jard 100

This isn't a competitive deck, I just wanted to make a Fellowship deck using the 9 characters from the book.

You'll want to mulligan for some of the cheaper allies, preferably Sam Gamgee or Bilbo Baggins. Early in the game, Frodo will be your main defender, so threat reduction is also a priority.

The main goal is to get Aragorn his attachments to make him able to pay for any card and giving him the Steward of Gondor to help with that. Once a few allies are out, questing should be taken care of and combat will be easier once Gandalf gets Narya.

The Protector of Lorien goes on Frodo in order to control threat gain from his defending as well as being a way to get rid of extra unique cards. Elven-light is also a good card to use here.

After fulfilling your contract, use born aloft to return the weaker allies to your hand to play the stronger ones. Then, you can discard them to protector of Lorien or keep them in case an ally goes down.

This deck was made with a limited card pool as I don't own more than one core set or most adventure packs.