Gondor Swarm ... of DOOM!!!

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Dixxie Flatline 10

I have given up trying to come up with a clever Gondor deck. I love the proud and doomed nation but they are lacking in finesse. Thankfully this deck makes up for that by vomiting out allies at a cracking pace. The downside? DOOM. and lots of it.

There are still a couple of tough decisions to make though. Getting a Tighten Our Belts on turn one will mean you may be tempted to wait to play anything and hope the father and son hero team can fend off the enemy until the next turn. Alternatively one Envoy of Pelargir with a buddy can trigger an A Very Good Tale chain that can flood the board a bit earlier.

Once going this deck flies through quests. Faramir can help take advantage of Boromir and Visionary Leadership by getting double duty out of your boosted allies. That pace is important because it has a couple of Doomed effects that means it attracts the bigger enemies and a nasty ally hitting treachery can wipe you out.

There is also NO threat reduction so you may be relying on other players to help you out although since you Doomed them they might not be too keen. You could add Aragorn instead of Denethor for quests that raise threat but what's the fun in that!

Go Gondor. Your need is great and times are desperate.