Not all Those Who Wander(er) are Lost

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Loss The City of Ulfast - 3 Player - 2021-04-23
Loss The City of Ulfast - 3 Player - 2021-04-23
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Elessar010 478

At last, I've built an Aragorn Grey Wanderer deck that I think runs really well. I chose Aragorn because he enables his other attachments, like Celebrían's Stone and Sword that was Broken to A) be able to play cards without Grey Wanderer's ability; and 2) Gain a massive boost for him and others. Since these two attachments are unique, it was impossible to play them with GW and other forms of Aragorn without including Song of Kings, which I thought was really lame to setup.

My starting attachment is of course Strider, but, if I have it in my opening hand after a mulligan, then I can attach Dagger of Westernesse or Dunedain Pipe.

My opening hand, I still look for cards like Steward of Gondor, or Resourceful, but I would like to see Timely Aid, mostly. Also, Heed the Dream is a fantastic start to the game.

Aragorn can quest for 4 immediately, and Timely Aid could pull a solid ally, like Denethor, or Knight of the White Tower. For the latter, this is the first time I've used this card, and his stipulation is meaningless, as you only have 1 hero, anyway, and he is a great ally for and . The combination of Soldier of Gondor and all of the other Gondor allies, means he is very likely to find something to add to my hand. Also, anybody that dies, the Knight of Belfalas can bring them back. The Knight of Minas Tirith is a great attacker, and fits my theme of Gondor allies. The only non-Gondor ally is Master of the Forge, just because I do have a considerable number of attachments, and it's good to have it as a form of card draw.

Overall, I can turtle with the low threat level to build up an army of allies. Once I get more than 5 characters, losing the boost from Strider is not a big deal, as most of the time, the ally will add 2 or more from Sword That Was Broken. Because I was trying to beat Steward's Fear with this deck (which I did, finally), I included Will of the West, just in case I got the Up in Flames plot. But, since I moved fairly slowly and wound up drawing a lot, I thought Will would be great to reshuffle the discard pile just to keep your engines going.

(The sideboard was just leftover from my testing games, and is largely irrelevant. But, you could add Visionary Leadership for an even larger bomb, since you can get resources on command with Grey Wanderer.)

I've beaten Journey Along the Anduin, Into the Pit, and Steward's Fear, and will keep putting it up against others! It's been a fun deck, and I will probably feature it in my YouTube series at some point.


  • Journey Along the Anduin
  • Into the Pit
  • Steward's Fear
  • The River Running