Elrond forged new fellowships

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Alibi 184


  • the drawback of the impressive starting threath it's in the engagement phase, not the elimination level. Due to Galadriel, Favor of the valar and elrond counsel (not to mention my favourite ally Elfhelm) i never hit 50 threath, also in doomed based encounter set

  • a starting hand without Narya is a auto-mulligan. I played with three copy of them since i stat that Word of command can easily solve the problem. Once i play all the 6 allies just via resource icon from the rings

  • Faster you'll reach six allies in play, better it is. Remember that you can swap your allies later just letting one of the die

  • Some allies are always useful, some are situational. Some work better at high treath and some at low threat. Remember that with in play allies like Hennamart, elfhelm, firyal and Landovral the game is a lot more easier.

  • eventually resources and cards will bank in huge amount. I put The free people as end game winning cadre, but other ways exist (like song of hope or protector of lorien)

enjoy :)


Mar 13, 2020 Alibi 184

*the most important ring is Vilya, not Narya. Of course playing either is a very cheese combo ;)