Ted's Mirkwood Revised: The Hunt for Gollum

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Kreigan 9

Kreigan has a newer deck inspired by this one: Ted's Mirkwood Revised: The Hunt for Gollum (Leadership/Lore

Deck is pretty dependent on getting Rivendell Minstrel and finding the songs to function well.

Celebrians Stone is pretty crucial in getting questing sqaured away. Once Faramir drops and has impact, questing is usually steam rolling.

I always like to slap steward of Gondor on Denethor so he can pump out the allies both lore and leadership with the right song equipped.

I am a new player looking to learn, so this workup has done well for me this adventure pack; thanks for looking guys.


Mar 22, 2020 kattattack22 634

It sounds like you are having trouble with resource smoothing between the spheres. Looking at the deck stats, your deck is almost evenly split between Lore and Leadership, but the total cost of Lore is twice that of Leadership.

There are few different things you could do fix this:

1) Reduce the number of Lore cards and put in more Leadership. 2) Use 2 Lore heroes and 1 Leadership. 3) Put in more resource smoothing cards.

For option 2, I'd look at using Beravor for a versatile hero with a nice card draw ability.

For option 3, I'd increase the number of Song of Wisdom since Lore costs are twice that of Leadership. Parting Gifts is another resource smoothing card available in your card pool.

I don't have any suggestions for option 1 since I haven't played your deck.

Mar 22, 2020 Kreigan 9

Thank you for your feedback brother. Makes sense.