Eagles Away!

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Eagle Splash 5 2 6 1.0
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Jreilly89 184

Based on my previous deck, but swapped out Denethor for Radagast for the cost reduction and better Willpower.


Mar 23, 2020 Alonewolf87 1586

You could think about putting in Messenger Raven to have Radagast more easily quest without exhausting (and perhaps some free card draw). Also I am not sure exactly which packs you have available. If you could include Éowyn, Flight of the Eagles, Meneldor, Wellinghall Preserver, Ent Draught, Beorning Skin-changer, Beorn, Giant Bear the deck will definitely improve. Bring Radagast's Staff to three copies, get Landroval down to 1, get rid of the Halfling Bounder and 1 Beorning Guardian, 1 Keep Watch and 1 Daughter of the Nimrodel, put in 3 copies of Word of Command

Mar 23, 2020 Jreilly89 184

Awesome deck tips, thank you! Currently I have about 2/3 of Shadows of Mirkwood, the entire Haradrim Cycle, and then Fate of Wilderland. I'm planning on picking up the Ered Mithrin cycle next.