Aided By The Lady

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Jreilly89 239

Idea is to get as much advantage out of Spirit Legolas and Leadership Gimli as possible.

So ideally quest with Gimli and Legolas, exhausting Galadriel to give her Willpower to Legolas. Unexpected Courage goes on Galadriel as well, allowing her to exhaust to offset threat abilities like Steward of Orthanc and Magic Ring.

I want to add in Celebrian Stone, but not sure what to cut.

Since this is a limited cardpool, expansion ideas involve Elven Light for sure, for maximum card discard recursion.


Mar 24, 2020 askelad 561

i'd cut Steward of Orthanc, with only 12 events you won't get to use it as much as you would like. If you still want the card draw push Unexpected Courage up to 3 copies to have it on galadriel faster (and extra copies let you block and attack more with legolas and gimli)

given that you have both legolas and mirror of galadriel as discard effects, you might want to consider either Elven-light or Silver Harp

A Light of Valinor on legolas would save your gimli resources (you can still use it just for +1 if needed)

The Day's Rising could be interesting on gimli to get back the resource he just spent to ready legolas.

Also The King's Return and Mithril Shirt are not worth it imo, with nenya you get access to Warden of Healing for healing.

Lórien Guide is also bad i think, you could replace it with a generic 2-cost 2 ally (Arwen Undómiel, Ethir Swordsman, West Road Traveller, Bofur, Lindir, Quickbeam in ...).

Jubayr, Glorfindel and Firyal are great allies late game that also synergies with Sneak Attack (and Glorfindel with your discard effetcs).

i'd swap Well Warned from the sideboard with The Galadhrim's Greeting, on most quest you don't need that much threat reduction, but the lower cost will be less impairing to your main strategy.

We Are Not Idle is always a free card in , which thins the deck, but also on a turn with no ennemies revealed it gives you a free resource