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Glorfinzell 6

This is a fun, aggressive Gondor and Rogan deck. The purpose of the deck is to take advantage of the hero synergy. With Eomers ability to enage enemies in the staging area Faramir can ready an ally and Mablung receives a resource. The latter 2 functions can be again carried out in the defense and attack phases. Netting the player 2 readies and 2 resources. Therefore the deck quickly generates enough resources to pay for everything the player has in hand, with limited card draw the player can end up top decking. Though Soldier of Gondor and Gandalf can help. Speaking of Gandalf, he and Secret Vigil are the only threat reducing cards so I often use him for that to aid Eomera ability by keeping enemies in the staging area. What is neat about this deck is the mileage it gets out of Gandalf. If I am playing him correctly, he can quest, ready off of Faramirs ability when Eomer attacks, defend since he is ready, and then be readied again in the attack phase. When Gandalf is not in the game Knight of the White Tower can be played the same way. It starts with high threat but has natural readying and does not suffer for resources in the least. Dunedain Remedy works wonderfully in the deck when heros are damaged but often the allies defend sparing the hero's. Even chumping with Squire of the Citadel to generate more resources. I put the horn of Gondor on Eomer to propel his ability.


Apr 02, 2020 Mumm 1

When using Eomers ability to attack an enemy in the staging area, it doesn't count as engaging an enemy. Faramirs and Mablung abilities won't trigger. Engaging an enemy specifically means moving it/placing it into your 'zone'.