Mirkwood Solo Deck 3_Hills

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Seosaidh 408

This is the deck that I used to beat the Hills of Emyn Muil, the Dead Marshes, and Return to Mirkwood. I also used slight variants of this deck (sometimes using some of the sideboard cards, sometimes additional cards) for the first three scenarios in the Mirkwood cycle (Hunt for Gollum, Conflict at Carrock, and Journey to Rhosgobel). I believe the Hunt for Gollum utilized almost the same deck, but with less location control and a bit more combat (including 2 DĂșnedain Warning). Conflict at Carrock obviously used a more combat-focused deck, leaving out some of the threat cards (Radagast's Cunning/Secret Paths and willpower-focused allies, and exchanging them with combat-focused allies as well as Self Preservation and A Burning Brand). The Journey to Rhosgobel included the Lore of Imladris and a bit more questing power to get through as quickly as possible. All of these variants use only cards from two core sets and the entire Mirkwood cycle, although it would be possible to use only 1 core set (the main card I added was the second Unexpected Courage, which I didn't really use as much as I thought, and I didn't use Dwarven Tomb at all).