Three Dwarves 18 - Shadow and Flame (Leadership, Tactics, Lo

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Shadow and Flame - 1 Player - 2020-04-15
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A Dwarf deck I made for the Shadow and Flame quest.

Deck Strategies:

  • Dain Ironfoot is the defender. The goal is to get 3x Dunedain Warning, 2x Ring Mail, 1x Hardy Leadership, and 1x Protector of L√≥rien that will give him 8 & 8
  • Thalin & Gondorian Spearman will hake care of all the 2 enemies.
  • Erebor Battle Master + 10 other dwarf allies will be the attacker. Attach Dwarrowdelf Axe just for fun. In my second playtest I had two Battle Master swinging for 10 each
  • The rest is just Card draw, Feints, Healing and Resource generation

Apr 16, 2020 dtnorris 68

Nice deck! I was a bit stumped by this quest and managed to tackle it with this deck-list.

But I like the thematic aspect you have going here of tackling it with just dwarves! Out of curiosity how did you handle the nasty "discard attachment" shadow and Treacheries?

Apr 16, 2020 EP1XWARR10R1 16

I didn't. I have only played once with this deck. I one. I have the shadow once and the Treachery once. In total I lost 5 attachments. I used 2x Erebor Hammersmith to get two of them back. I think I will a Burning brand to this deck.