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Tegyrius 119

A strong solo deck with the age old combo of Aragorn and Frodo Baggins. (MotK) Erestor gives you card cycling and draw with Elven-light. First turn can be rough since you only quest for 6 and Frodo sometimes has to take an attack. However, from turn two and on you're often fine.

Cards: Ceorl and Merry are fillers, but you often have a few bucks left for these after a couple of turns. Glorfindel is a late game play. Somewhat win-more. Mablung is often kept back in hand, waiting for that perfect time to play him (that never comes). Sam Gamgee is really good with the response on Frodo. Wingfoot is great on the first turn if you don't have Fast Hitch, giving you conditional action advantage. This, of course, becomes consistent when you find Henamarth Riversong. Also went with Daeron's Runes over Drinking Song, mainly because of the Dúnedain Pipe, and often Elven-light is an easy discard.

Cards that almost made it: Celebrían's Stone, Sword that was Broken, Jubayr, Elrohir and Elladan. These cards felt expensive, though. Steed of Imladris, different master-cards and Dúnedain Warning were also late cuts.

What goes where: Ring, Steward, Inner Strength, 1 Cloak, 1 Hitch goes on Frodo. 2 hitches on Rosie. (pipe, Wingfoot on Aragorn)

Happy to get some feedback.