Noldoresque Tactics

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Swordthatwasbroke 614

One reason I find this deck so much fun to play is because it employs Nolder mechanics in a Tactics deck. The Tactics aspect is pretty simple. With Hirgon's ability and Erestor rifling through your deck, you should be playing a tactics ally pretty much every turn. Mithlond Sea-Watcher will be the heavy hitter on offense, while derndingle warrior will beef up the defense. The Lore side of the deck is what makes it so much fun. Questing will be done with as many Lindon Navigators as possible. Use them to discard allies to trigger the Sea-Watchers' abilities. Imladris Caregiver will keep the derndingle warriors alive and kicking so you can use their ability most of the game. If you are lucky enough to draw Necklace of Girion early, hope for an enemy. Put it on Erestor when you can to help pay for an expensive Lore ally. The Beorning skinchangers are there solely to bring Beorn in from the discard pile. Finally, The Red Arrow can again help bring in an expensive Lore ally.

Cards you want to see in your starting hand: The Red Arrow, Necklace of Girion, Protector of Lorien, Guardian of Rivendell, Skyward Volley, The Evening Star.

Cards you dont want to see in your starting hand: Lore allies in general because you won't be able to pay for them yet.

As a final note, pretty much all the allies have at least one willpower, since until you have several Navigators out you may be a little weak on willpower.


Jun 07, 2020 Arianese 7

Played a couple of rounds with this desk today, once in Harad, once along the Anduin. It was fun to play. I didn't have tactics allies in my hand as often as I would have liked to put Hirgon's ability to good use. I also ended up with Dunedain Hunter in my hand far too often and it was a disaster every time I used it. I'm not sure it is a good fit for this deck.

Altogether fun to play! This was my first time playing an Erestor deck, so that might have something to do with my enjoyment, but some mechanics did work really well together.