We’re doomed, or are we...?

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Matthias Maccabeus 58

This deck does a little of everything. I really like the flexibility of Saruman. Between Word of Command, The Seeing-stone, Deep Knowledge, and Steward of Orthanc you have quite the card selection, readying, and draw depending on what you need. Obviously the perfect starting hand is Legacy of Númenor, Elladan, Saruman's Staff, and Nenya. The cards mentioned before help you locate any missing pieces you need. The deck is light on leadership resource needs so you can take better advantage of Elrohir.

Galadriel and Galadriel's Handmaiden plus Island Amid Perils from the side board can help keep your threat in check. Arwen Undómiel gives Elrohir sentinel. Light of Valinor goes on Elrohir. You get incidental value from Isengard Messenger and Orthanc Guard because of all the doomed triggers.

Overall it’s been fun to play and has been holding it’s own quite well.