Gandalf: Babysitter, 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (2)

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The Fellowship Of The Ring
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Gandalf: Babysitter, 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (2) 2 0 1 1.0
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AtomicDuckie 241

"Fool of a Took!" -Gandalf

This deck is part of a trio of decks that I have built that compose the Fellowship of the Ring. This deck leans heavily into questing for the trio, but does not leave too open to attack thanks to Gandalf. The goal is to get all 3 Hobbit Pipes and a Wizard Pipe out as fast as you can, then enjoy some smoke rings to drop your threat quickly and to draw cards. Fireside song goes on each of the Hobbits and a song of the color they don't naturally have to increase their willpower by 2 each. Shadowfax and Gandalf's Staff are incredible cards that will allow Gandalf to participate in some combination of questing, defending, or attacking (you pick 2). Self Preservation on the Hobbits is something that I have tried living without and almost always regret. Their very small health pools leaves them open to cards that do blanket 1 damage to heroes. Halfling Bounder is a great control card when needed to cancel any treacheries that you cannot live with occurring and goes well with Gandalf's staff being able to cancel a shadow effect. Daughter of Nimrodel is in there to allow this deck to help the other 2 decks in the fellowship survive better (I've tried many playtests without them, it goes much smoother when they are around).