Grim and tight

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Tegyrius 119

Original deck made by Beorn makes Grimbeorn to a kill-em-all monster much earlier than this deck can. However, the other deck in the fellowship has so much attack power, so in this version, Grimbeorn is more important as a defender.

Cards: Cram might seem like an odd choice, but unexpected courage is very expensive in the deck, since you often want to draw with elven light and keep money for a test of will. (and later in the game, there are others out to help with combat, Grimbeorn often fights "bosses" by then).

Dunedain warning and Hauberk were added since Gondorian shield just gets +1 defence in this deck.

Raiment of war is often discarded and reforged by the other deck, but with golden belt, it's played on Grimbeorn.

Rohan warhorse is probably card number 50 and seldom played.

The Day's rising is a good moneymaker,

Tighten our belts is easy to play, you can still play restricted for 1 or 0 cost, setting up the contract.